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I work  from photos provided by the client. If you do not have a photo of the desired pose, I can work with you using a series of photos to create one.  Separate images can be used to place a number of pets or people together in one portrait. Photos can be sent through e-mail to Please provide CLEAR, QUALITY digital photos. Larger photos help to provide the artist with the detail needed to create a realistic lifelike portrait. Your satisfaction with the artwork is most important! Taking screen shots of facebook or instagram photos are NOT good quality. 

Example of a photo with missing detail.

I do realize that it may be impossible to find a good quality photo if you are planning a surprise. In this case I will do my best to work from reference photos to add the desired detail. 

Example of a large photo file vs a small "zoomed in" photo file.

Clear photo.jpg

Actual photo file taken from phone.

Blurry photo.jpg

Screen shot of a facebook post.

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“Kelly’s drawings are simply amazing. My golden retriever is really cute, but even cuter in colored pencil. Her drawings have intricate detail along with vibrant colors! Great for a gift, or just to have around the house!” 

-McCaela M. 














"A very special portrait, done by a very talented artist!!! Kelly, not only did you capture their captured their souls...their spirits... everything about Eliana and Sadie! You will always have a special place in our hearts for creating this masterpiece!!!"

-Andrea H.














"I want to send a VERY special thank-you to Kelly for helping to make my Christmas Day one of the best ones yet! I feel so fortunate to have a piece of your wonderful artwork in my home. You truly are extremely talented! 

-Michelle R.



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